milwaukee party bus


We offer party bus service in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

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In order to assure your comfort remains high, all of our party buses come standard with premium leather interior. All of the seating arrangements in our vehicles are set up in such a way that allows our guests maximum comfort while conversing with their friends and family. On our party buses, everyone is in close proximity to one another and that causes the conversation to flow and the drinks to be shared!

One of the amenities that people ask us about the most is our flat screen TVs. We include them in all of our buses and that's because we know our customers love them. Many of our party buses have built in HD antennas that pick up a perfectly clear OTA signal when the bus is not in motion. When you are on the road, you can always enjoy the DVD player or high quality sound system. Whatever kind of entertainment that you have, is definitely a possibility on this vehicle.