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Lets face it. There are only a few times in life where a child can feel like they're an adult. One of those times is when those children can participate in after hours functions at school such as dances and prom. Think back to your senior prom, you, your friends, and their dates all being adults for the night. It was a beautiful time wasn't it?

Getting your children a limo for for their senior prom or homecoming is a great way to let the children feel independence. Allowing the children to leave and enjoy their time alone will them have a glimpse of adulthood all while you can ensure their safety by knowing that the chauffeur has all of the parents' contact information on hand just in case anything goes awry.

Limo Kalamazoo School Dances

The second benefit of giving the kids a limo in Kalamazoo is the fact that the children will be out of the home which leaves you and your spouse the ability to have a 100% uninterrupted romantic evening. By ordering a limo from Limo Kalamazoo, you'll be able to have a romantic dinner, desert, and whatever else the heart desires with you and your spouse without the pesky interruption of children.

As we previously mentioned, prior to any limo rental in which minors are primarily on board, we ensure that we go through the steps to get the details of every single parent or legal guardian for every child on board. This allows us to contact parents if the need happens to arise. So you can feel safe in sending off your babies knowing that we have contact with you at any point at all during the night.