35 passenger detroit party bus


Detroit Bars

If you're taking a party bus out for a night on the town to some Detroit bars then we have the information and resources you need. There are several different areas to visit depending on what kind of bar you want. Below is a list of most of the big bar areas and some have a link to a site with more resources on that particular Detroit bar area.

Novi - This is located northwest of Detroit. They have some sports bars, some clubs, an arcade type place, and some restaurant bars. Visit Novi Clubs for more info

Royal Oak - One of the most popular place among the young people in metro Detroit. Royal Oak has several bars and if you're looking for either a club or a bar to chill, this is the place to go. They are also pretty busy during the week compared to any other area in Metro Detroit. Visit Royal Oak Bars for more info

Plymouth - Downtown Plymouth has a lot of nice bars and a nice park that has concerts in the summer. They also have good restaurants. The age range is all over in Plymouth from young to old. Visit Plymouth Bars for more information.

Ann Arbor - Ann Arbor is a college town being near University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. They have any kind of bar you could think of, a lot of them being cheaper bars with good drink specials since its a college town. Ann Arbor clubs has more information on local bars there.

Pontiac - Pontiac consists of a lot of dance clubs. They even have a few clubs that are 18+ which makes Pontiac a popular choice among the younger crowd.

Birmingham - Birmingham is more of an up-scale area and has more expensive and nicer bars than most other places.

Livonia - Livonia doesn't really have many bars, most of them are neighborhood bar. You can read more at Livonia Bars if interested.

If you're looking for a place to get information on any Detroit Bars in the entire metro area visit Detroitbarsandclubs.com.