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Detroit Bachelorette Parties
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Detroit Bachelorette Party
Detroit Bachelorette Party

What better way to go out on a bachelorette party than to get together at least 30 of your closest female friends and relatives and go out for your last wild night on a Detroit Party bus that seats up to 35 people. This bus has a loud sound system and wild lights as well as a stripper pole so your night won't have a dull moment. It comes with a cooler to keep your drinks cold so you can drink on the bus in between and save money on drinks at the bar.

Top 10 Activities For Detroit Bachelorette Parties

1) Suck for a Buck Shirt - This is a classic for all of your Detroit bachelorette parties and I'm sure you've seen it at the bar many times. The only thing required is a white t-shirt and a bag of lifesavers which can be found at any store that sells candy as well as a bag of safety pins. Pin them all over the shirt and take a marker and write suck for a buck. Have the bachelorette see how much money she can collect from guys at the bar taking the life savers!

2) Bachelorette Stories - Have everyone there tell a story about the bachelorette. Have a contest and see who can come up with the most juicy story about her. You could also make some stories up and see if people can guess if its true or not!

3) Play Quarters - This was your favorite game back in college. Bounce the quarters in the glass and make the other person do shots.

4) Penis Cookies - Bake some penis shaped cookies and see who can come up with the best design out of everyone. Buy some frosting and sprinkles and cake decorations and go to town on them!

5) Bag guessing game - A great game to start the night off with when you meet up with the girls for some pre drinking before you take out the detroit party bus. Fill a bag with a bunch of different phallic items (i.e., cucumber, opened condom, carrot, bannana, etc) and see who can guess the most items right!

6) Cucumber penis sculptures - Have a contest with all of the girls to see who can sculpt the most realistic penis out of a cucumber with a knife. Bring the best one out to the bars with you to have some fun and get laughs.

7) Haze The Bachelorette - Have everyone come up with a dare for the bachelorette to do throughout the night. For every dare she cant complete make her buy the person who thought of it a drink or yell really loud in the bar that she apologizes for not being able to complete the dare. Be creative and don't make them too easy!

8) Fun with Mardi Gras - Get a big bag of beads and make the bachelorette wear them to give out to guys. See how many guys you can get to take their shirts off to get some beads from you.

9) The classic scavenger hunt - Have your friends come up with a list for the bachelorette to get during a scavenger hunt. Send her to get things such as a mans underwear, make her dance with a guy who has the same name as her fiancé, and have a guy buy her a certain type of shot. Be creative when you think of these.

10) Bride/Groom Quiz - Make up a quiz about the bride to be and the groom and see how well all of her friends and family know her by answering the questions!