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Party bus service for ATL and the surrounding areas.

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ATL Party Bus has been in business for a number of years. In fact, we get a great number of calls from first time customers, potential customers, or simply people shopping around. Within the time you read this, you'll know more than most of the people that call us so it is safe to say that this will most definitely help you with understanding what ATL Party Bus is all about.

ATL Party Bus prides its self on providing some of the highest quality transportation in all of the greater Atlanta area. We always ask our customers whether they'd like to settle for any old licensed driver or have someone with experience that can provide the courtesy and care that you deserve? With ATL Party Bus, that's what you get.

ATL Party Bus
Atlanta, GA

Party Bus from ATL Party Bus

The above photograph is just one example of what we have to offer. This pink party bus is the perfect vehicle for use for any number of events. The exterior is brand new and the interior most definitely matches. Whether you're out for a long night drinking or you're just having a calm evening and need transportation, this vehicle is a great choice.